Dear valued Customer, dear Friends,

my name is Lu, Jiangying and I am the owner of the L2 Restaurant. Within the last 20 years I travelled to many European countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK, Scotland, e.g. and I lived in Tokyo for several years.

During my culinary travels and long stay in Tokyo I have been to countless restaurants for traditional local cuisine in order to get an idea about the authentic taste of Mediterran and Japanese food and wines. 

Impressed about the amazing taste, I always talked to the Chefs to find out the 'secrets‘ behind the authentic taste. Well, most of them shared their 'secrets‘ with me. 

All these culinary secrets I brought back to my hometown Ningbo and together with my wonderful L2  Restaurant Team we are glad to bring this authentic taste from several countries to our customers and friends. 

My Team and me give you a warm welcome.   

- Lu, Jiangying -